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Tuesday, July 6, 2010




A quiet sunny day. I was on the sea shore alone. No one was there. I started thinking about my childhood days when I played in this shore. Oh! Everything had changed with these 9 years. There is no breeze, no shade. Even the white sand here was covered with concrete bricks. Where is the green? Where is the blue? I began to hate my city. I took a long breath and then stood up. By the time the shore is filled with people. Evening cafes have opened. I hate all these things. Yes, from my early childhood I loved nature than anything.

I started to walk through the road side. The foul smell from the rubbish dumped on road side and the roaring sound of vehicle made a deep wound on my heart. I made my walk faster and faster.

The sun is about to set. Horizon is turning from deep blue to orange. A crowd is around the 100 year old banyan tree. What’s it? I wondered!!. A little boy with his arms around tree crying aloud, 2 to 3 people with axe, rope and all other trying to take the children away.

From the talks of the mob, I understood something. The tree is older than his grandmother. He feel it as his grandmother. It’s the only one alive at the sea coast. For the beach beautification work it has to be cut down. It was a shelter for thousands of birds. It’s shadow was a rest place for those come to enjoy the beauty of sea. It lived for others for years. And now at this old age there is no one to talk for it. “Throw the child away” . Heard a shout from the crowd. By the time someone caught the child and threw him away. However he managed to climb up the tree. Alas! He is on the top of the tree.

I was the only one there to support him, But I am also helpless. No one to help me and the child. Tears started to flow from our eyes. Started shivering with all my energy, ran to the nearest telephone booth.

There is a sudden silence. Thank God, police reached at the spot. They took the decision. Beautification work without cutting this tree.

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