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Wednesday, December 1, 2010



Judeson Sunny,Abhinand M.&Roshan R.

James and John were the most popular CID's of Stamford Bridge.The diamond of Queen Rosemary was lost and they were appointed to investigate this case.

They started their investigation from the palace Anfield.King Poul appointed Mr.Michal to help them.Police discovered that the diamond was stolen by the notorious burglar of Old transford .But easily understood that the diamond was within the Anfield capital.So they continued their investigation there itself.

John fall in love with Daisy who was the daughter of Michal.But John was unknown about this.One day Daisy invited John to her house to celebrate her birthday.John understood that she was Michal's daughter.

Suddenly John identified a secret underground room under the carpet.After the treat at night John and James together came into the Michal's house.And entered into the secret room

They were astonished .There were many gold coins, black money and also in the cupboard ,they find it ,That..........................! The diamond of Queen Rosemary.

Next day they were congratulated by the king and they were given the level of Sir.

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