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Friday, November 19, 2010

Indian Cricket team

Amal Pradeep.M

ICT which consist of 11 members are the proud of our country .The eleven members are the youngsters of Indian cricket.The game was found out in England long ago .From that day onwards cricket becomes popular .We cant see any cricket ground deserted .We can see the sweet eleven buds of India blossomed in the field .Our country is improving day by day .So we can give a great salute to our captain M.S.Dhoni .He is the brain behind the victory of the team.

Before Mahi Dravid was the captain .He can't give any inspiration to the team .But when Mahi came into the Captain place he served everything for the team .He gave inspiration to the team and he gave many records to the team .Now our team is the no.1 team in the test cricket ,and no.2 team in ODI's .Now Indian players are the shirring star's of India .We are brilliant in batting ,bowling and fielding .So our team can be considered as the strongest team in the whole world .Thanks to our captain Mahi ,thanks to our mother land .But our team have to improve a lot .So lets pray for the total improvement of our team ,our Nation .

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