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Thursday, July 22, 2010



Aswin M.M

The trees and human beings have a very close relation. If there is no tree, there is no life. Trees take carbon dioxide and give out oxygen. Ruskin Bond, a well known writer, beautifully narrates the pleasant relationship between the tree and human beings. There are so many stories that reveal the strong attachment between man and nature. Nature gives shelter to living beings, shade etc…Life in this world without trees is impossible. All the trees are useful to us in one way or the other. We can endure the heat of the sun because trees are around us. If trees are fallen indiscriminately it will affect the ecosystem badly. The medicinal valve of many trees helps us a lot in maintaining our health. Trees are the abode of many creature. They play an important role in keeping the balance of ecosystem. It is the trees that play a major role in providing the forest products. So our slogan should be


Trees in museum Don William Samuel

Trees in museum

Don William Samuel

When I looked through the window

I was shocked to see it

And it made my heart more sad

It’s all about my Nature.

I can’t see it ‘The trees’

It’s vanishing from us.

Who takes care of them?

Only you the one to do this……

Our world now the most worst

Poor lonely trees of nature

Now we can see trees

Only in museum and exhibition.

The man cut them for their life

Standard life and growing future

But who cares of the trees

The lonely one they are…….

Please do something for them

And you the only one for them

If tou do so

The world will do behind you.

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Story of two hearts… - Amal Geo Francis

The Story of two hearts…

Amal Geo Francis

We are two hearts,

But we are one soul.

We are alone ,

But never gives up.

War took our father,

War took our home.

But this thing it didn’t,

And that is our spirit.

We may be poor,

Or we may be artless.

But this thing is sure,

We will never give up.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Corrections of the world…. -Sreekanth U Menon

The Corrections of the world….

Sreekanth U Menon

The Nature is beautiful test,

But some others make it worst,

By cutting trees and splitting wood,

Or some others makes it for their good.

Some people have no shame,

And make the situation the same,

When the evening light comes,

Some others make it to the bars.

The world is full of correction,

It is also in dreadful situation,

The world is a heaven of gods,

Some people make heaven to hell.

“These are the corrections of the world.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010



Akhil V.P

Nature gives us relief

It is a big gift of god for us.

With the presence of nature,

My life is so happy.

Nature is the beauty of the world,

And we have to save this beauty.

This beauty makes us happy

And it will retain for ever.

Friday, July 9, 2010

MY TREE - Shahal. A.V

My tree

Shahal. A.V

I played swing on this tree,

With a tyre hanged by a rope,

I climbed on this tree towards the sky,

Which amazed me upright.

I sat on this tree,

To write poems and scripts,

I carved my name in it,

And also my friend’s name.

An apple on my head,

A flower on my hair,

A tiny stem in my hand,

And roots under my foot.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

BE A STAR - Don William Samuel


Don William Samuel

God made man

Man made booze

Don’t be a gooze

Be a man.

A star is man

In world all ever

Enjoy your trip

And be a star.

Genius man

Be a great

Great is above

Before the life.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010




When it rains in the morning,

I could not see anything around me.

But the moments that in my mind,

Was flashing like a photo click in my sight.

But it was in my mind.

I was going on a dream journey

Through the heartly broken stories

Like a sea touching the shore…

When the rain was calmed down…

I woke up…

I looked up…

But it was a sunny evening.




A quiet sunny day. I was on the sea shore alone. No one was there. I started thinking about my childhood days when I played in this shore. Oh! Everything had changed with these 9 years. There is no breeze, no shade. Even the white sand here was covered with concrete bricks. Where is the green? Where is the blue? I began to hate my city. I took a long breath and then stood up. By the time the shore is filled with people. Evening cafes have opened. I hate all these things. Yes, from my early childhood I loved nature than anything.

I started to walk through the road side. The foul smell from the rubbish dumped on road side and the roaring sound of vehicle made a deep wound on my heart. I made my walk faster and faster.

The sun is about to set. Horizon is turning from deep blue to orange. A crowd is around the 100 year old banyan tree. What’s it? I wondered!!. A little boy with his arms around tree crying aloud, 2 to 3 people with axe, rope and all other trying to take the children away.

From the talks of the mob, I understood something. The tree is older than his grandmother. He feel it as his grandmother. It’s the only one alive at the sea coast. For the beach beautification work it has to be cut down. It was a shelter for thousands of birds. It’s shadow was a rest place for those come to enjoy the beauty of sea. It lived for others for years. And now at this old age there is no one to talk for it. “Throw the child away” . Heard a shout from the crowd. By the time someone caught the child and threw him away. However he managed to climb up the tree. Alas! He is on the top of the tree.

I was the only one there to support him, But I am also helpless. No one to help me and the child. Tears started to flow from our eyes. Started shivering with all my energy, ran to the nearest telephone booth.

There is a sudden silence. Thank God, police reached at the spot. They took the decision. Beautification work without cutting this tree.

Monday, July 5, 2010

IN SEARCH OF LIGHT - Akshay Pramod


Akshay Pramod

Darkness have spread

In the sky

And in my mind

Rather I could feel

The beginning of an end

I could see the birds and beasts

In their way to their little homes

To be safe and secure

From the dark

But what can I do?

I have a home

And all the rest

But still I feel

Not so safe and secure

From the dark.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

THE GIFTS -Yadukrishnan K V

The Gifts

-Yadukrishnan K V

How beautiful it is?

The cool breeze of wind,

Made me so happy.

The giggling sound of rain,

Looks noisy out there,

The clouds became darker and darker.

They are gifts of nature

Nature is the gift of God

Love and Peace together makes life

Love is the wife of God

Peace is the son of God

Together they made the world

And hence these are

The Elixir of Life.